The Evolution of Blossom Life Outreach

In 2014, we launched our organization as TKC Outreach with a focus on women. Our experiences led us to the discovery of a universal need to help others navigate the maze of life, irrespective of age, gender, race, religious affiliations, or any other differentiating human-constructed standards.

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At the heart of Blossom Life Outreach is a manual that serves as the foundation of all of our conversations and activities, the Bible. This is the oldest book in human history and it still holds relevance and universal truth throughout the generations, despite technological advancement and human evolution.

Why did we choose the Bible as the guiding light to help us provide direction for the people we connect with?

  1. Every human being has a story that is already written in the Bible (we can help you find yours);
  2. It has survived and yielded insights for many generations;
  3. It remains relevant to all human beings in all places; and
  4. Every life challenge is written about and has a solution in the Bible: finance, business, interpersonal relationships, marriage, parenting, education, health and fitness, nutrition, sex and family planning, inventions, leadership, government, law and order, discipline, spirituality, power, warfare, conflict resolution, and the list goes on.

Do you have a life problem you are struggling with? Open the Bible.

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